Project- EU

The project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund

Project name:

''Implementation of BIM technology in the overall business model of Studio Nexar'', reference ID KK.

Project description:

In 2016 Studio Nexar d.o.o. applied to a public invitation to tender named ''E IMPULS'', issued by the Croatian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts. In 2017, following the decision of financing and assignation of non-refundable grants, and upon signing the contract, the company began implementing the project.

The project provided us with computer gear and software essential for expanding our services and optimizing our business processes. The following activities were conducted: acquisition of computer equipment, software tools such as BIM, ERP-CRM, programs for 3D visualizations and licenses for data storage software solutions, equipping work places and conference room and various marketing activities. By realizing these activities we were able to speed up our working process, take the quality of our projects to the next level, cut costs, and increase the competitiveness of our company on domestic and foreign markets. Estimated date of full project implementation is October 2018.

Project goals:

Improving business processes, increasing the level of quality and company expansion.

Expected results:

The aim of the project is to optimize the working procedures of architectural design and project management by implementing BIM software for real-time teamwork design and software solutions for online collaboration and large scale data storage. Implementing this project will increase productivity and strengthen the company's competitiveness on the market. Expected results of the project, two years into its execution, are keeping current work places, expanding the company by four more employees and increasing income by a minimum of 15 percent compared to 2015.

Total project value: 435.660,01 HRK (67.140 USD)

Financed by the EU: 296.248,80 HRK (45.655 USD)

Contact persons:

Zdenka Šarolić, project manager; [email protected]

Vesna Brković, project coordinator; [email protected]


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