Breathe salt room

Project year: 2012 Status: project, completed Location: Ivanec, Croatia
Project team

Zdenka Šarolić,, ovl.arh.


Modern times, with all of its fast pace, brought changes even to those areas of architecture where one would never expect it. Halotherapy now takes over the job of once popular coastal sanatoriums that treated patients with all the benefits of sea air.

Breathe salt room is specific for its harsh environment and the need to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment in a closed, insulated space. Using salt covered relief on the walls, paired with carefully designed ambient lighting, creates a special kind of tactile, luminous and fragrant atmosphere - a kind of gesamtkunstwerk of senses. From the entrance to the rooms, the whole space is subject to the clash between natural materials and sharp neon light, carefully graded to take you step by step into a quiet, dark, fragrant fairytale.


photo: Zoran Stanko