Technology park Varaždin interior

Project year: 2018 Status: project Location: Varaždin, Croatia
Project team

Zdenka Šarolić,, ovl.arh.

Karla Dragica Lipej,, ovl.arh.

Anita Antolić,,ovl.arh.

Dorja Prekratić,

Marko Friščić,


Varaždin Technology Park is a company that embodies all the paradigms of a modern way of running a business... Young employees, focus on technology and out-of-the-box way of thinking and working. Contemporary entrepreneurs understand the benefits of comfort in the workplace in regards to productivity and general atmosphere, which are all heavily influenced by the design of workspaces and other amenities for resting, hanging out and recreation.

The design of office space interior in the existing building of Technology Park is based upon three versions of the project, each thematically tied to one of the main determinants of the project assignment. The final design is a combination of a clean, minimalist composition and trendy elements with a dash of quirky retro design. The ground floor contains shared spaces in an open space configuration, while the offices are located on the upper floors. In all parts of the interior, the overarching theme is a permeation of different use spaces and deconstruction of the classic office design. The crown of the story is a roof terrace with a kitchen, a hang-out area and a small sports field, as an ultimate statement to the shift in the way office buildings are designed.