Mountaineering museum Ivanec

Project year: 2014/2016 Status: project, phase 1 completed Location: Ivanec, Croatia
Project team

Zdenka Šarolić, ovl.arh.

Vedrana Biškup

Anita Antolić, ovl.arh.


A hobby or a business model? Hiking museum Ivanec is reflecting City of Ivanec’ early days of coal mining industry in connection with progressive hiking and photography societies of the early 20th century. Today Ivančica is one of the most important natural resources and city potentials and is definitely the most beloved hiking destination of continental Croatia. Hiking museum Ivanec found its home in The Old School building, right at the beginning of a hiking path. Project overlaps old and new, not denying Ivanec’ roots, but creating a string with present-day urban trends and most beautiful city view. Like a passepartout.


photo: Zoran Stanko