Children’s Garden House

Project year: 2019 Status: project Location: Ivanec, Croatia
Project team

Marko Friščić,


From a simple request by the client to design a garden house for child’s play there came a full-fledged study of the way children perceive physical space and architecture, but also of the very nature of conceptual and formal constraints in the design of such elementary architectural types.

Since architecture is perceived through motion - promenade architecturale - it is vital for a child’s first encounter with small scale architecture to be able to explore it through as many modes of movement as possible. Artificial climbing rock, rope, ladder and a slide are merely conventional ways of accessing the garden house and the real exploration is left to the child. Tectonic nature of the house is a great tool to learn about construction and variable treatment of perimeter walls is a foundation for understanding formal qualities of different materials, proportion, interplay of light and dark...