City cemetery, Ivanec

Project year: 2010 Status: project, under construction Location: Ivanec, Croatia
Project team

Zdenka Šarolić, Eduard Kušen,


Ivanec city cemetery has two hundred years of history on top of a hill next to the city. A necessary expansion is set on one of the few flat parts of the hill. Two lanes positioned in a cross shape form a simple layout inside a reclusive space surrounded by tall reinforced concrete walls. A bare outer surface of the walls maintains an enigmatic character of the cemetery, while the inner surface is deconstructed by arcades, a classical element of historical cemeteries. A simple flower pattern embedded in a relief gives the walls a tactile feel and softens a monolithic character of bare concrete, while the alternating height of the arcades breaks the rhythm and symmetry imposed by the disposition of tombs and walking lanes.


photo: Zoran Stanko