Cruise ship terminal, Dubrovnik

Project year: 2016 Status: competition Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Project team

Zdenka Šarolić,, ovl.arh.

Anita Antolić,, ovl.arh.

Uroš Vasiljević,, ovl.arh.

Vedrana Biškup,


Dubrovnik has for centuries maintained a status of Adriatic's capital city. From the centre of the Republic of Ragusa to the centre of culture, film industry and tourism in modern times. Plagued by a constant surge of tourists and cruise ships for the past few years, it now plans to invest in a nearly 33 000 m2 terminal.

Medieval city walls and Stradun street are Dubrovnik's main trademarks. The project blends these two concepts in a wall-like facade that envelops the cruise terminal, shopping mall and bus station as well as the introverted city street that penetrates the building. Just as Stradun ends with the arsenals, the New Stradun ends with an open space - a green roof with a Mediterranean garden and a view of the bay. Changing elevations of the New Stradun evoke the famous skalinade of Dubrovnik, grounding the new building in its architectural heritage.