Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry

Project year: 2014 Status: competition Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Project team

Zdenka Šarolić, dipl.ing.arh.

Vedrana Biškup, mag.ing.arh.


The building is formed by two main parts - central three storey building surrounding an inner yard and a six storey tower. The central building hosts classrooms on the outer part of the floor plan and cabinets and various service areas facing the inner yard. Its design is unobtrusive, with rows of windows gradually thinner towards the top of the building. The main entrance is accessed through a spacious plaza.

The tower that contains laboratories serves as an accent of the entire complex due to its size and design. Interlaced load-bearing facade elements create a net behind a continuous glass facade, spanning from the ground level to the roof. The tower and the central building are divided by a clear dilatation that is left empty on the ground level, and populated by a restaurant on the basement floor, making a public conjunction between main faculty spaces.