Multifunctional movie theater in Ivanec

Project year: 2015/2016 Status: project, completed Location: Ivanec, Croatia
Project team

Zdenka Šarolić,, ovl.arh.

Anita Antolić,, ovl.arh.

Gonzalo Muñoz Bartolome,

Bruno Brković, građ.teh.

Janja Ivanec,


Set in the heart of a small, culturally rich town, the theatre is envisioned as a multifunctional space meant to service a wide array of purposes and their specific demands. Primarily, that's a contemporarily designed and equipped movie theatre.

A former 400 seat theatre had its surface area and capacity stripped down, and the entrance was moved into a previously unused portico next to it. Sanitary facilities and depository were set beneath the auditorium, and its upper part was converted into a projection room. The theatre now has about 150 seats and it is fitted with state of the art audio and video equipment, with a stage in front of the projection screen. The main entrance to the building is next to a small town square meant for public gatherings, equipped with a solar tree and info panels. This high-tech coupling of open and indoor spaces and permeation of different public amenities creates an oasis of modern life in an otherwise small and traditional town, thus painting a picture of the city of the future.


photo: Zoran Stanko