The way we work

Creating a good project is a complex process. It starts with an idea, a need, a want. Then it turns into a functionality and budget chase. Along the way, it has to have good communication with all stakeholders, and it has to meet security and other law propositions. In the end it has to endure test of building process and decades of usage - living there happily ever after :)

Facing all that complexity, we pursued ways to reduce stress and make every project a successful one. We managed to make this process easier and more fun, somewhat like a board game.  Knowing what lies ahead of us, we created pathways of clear project structure and patterns of communication, so called “game rules”. We picked skillful team players, equipped them with high-end tech support. Continually learning, improving, and researching, we strive to give our best to all stages of a project. 

Usage of BIM technology sets higher standards in designing, and allows a client deeper understanding of a project even at the early stage, which can affect key decisions of an investment. It also reduces risk of mistakes and makes communication with building contractors easier.


We continue to implement our criteria of excellence and with a proof of many successful realizations, perpetual clients and several competition prizes, Nexar has positioned itself as one of leading architectural offices in northern Croatia.


  • We speak your language, be it: English/ Russian/ Italian/ German/ Spanish
  • We have international collaboration with architectural offices in New York and Milano
  • We use BIM software in our workflow, which means that we simultaneously work on construction, installation and final finishes in 3d model
  • We use cloud software for project management, which gives all of the project stakeholders instant information on a progress of a project
  • We are using only up to date software tools for all disciplines, which allows us to perform design execution in line with highest engineering standards in all modern countries in the world. We’ll be glad to send the list of software upon request. We'll be glad to send the list....